Existing Tenant Guide

It`s important that you enjoy your new rental and equally important that both landlord and tenant responsibilities are met.

Your obligations

  • It is your responsibility to abide by the terms of your tenancy agreement and the rules and bylaws of the building in which you live.
  • You are expected to return the rental property to the landlord in the same condition that it was rented to you
  • You are responsible for paying your rent in full at the first of every month)

Nobody likes them, but if managed fairly they can be easier to take.

How it works?

Your rent may be increased every twelve months. A landlord may only increase your rent twelve months after the date that your current rent was established. A landlord must provide three months’ notice of a rent increase.

The right way to go about retrieving your security deposit.

Your obligation.

The standard security deposit no more than an entire month’s rent. With the written consent of the tenant and a final condition inspection, or by the order of a dispute resolution officer, the landlord may keep all or part of the security deposit to cover damages.

If you do not pay the security deposit within 15 days from the beginning of the tenancy, the landlord can serve one month's notice to end the tenancy.

What you need to know about the Homecare move out process.

When and how?

The AB Residential Tenancy Act stipulates that all tenants must move out by 12:00PM on the last day of their term, indicated in their notice to end the tenancy. If you (the tenant) say that you will be moving out on March 31, the unit must be empty, clean, and in rentable condition by 12:00PM on that day.)

Thinking of Buying?

We want to thank you for choosing Homecare Realty for the duration of your residency. We appreciate your business and hope to have been of great value to you during that time. If you are thinking of buying a home, our service offerings continue well beyond our current engagement and we welcome the opportunity to build on our relationship and help you find your dream home. Our expertise in the Rental and Management market enables us to provide meaningful advice on what makes for a good investment property. We approach your home search with the same mindset and guide you through the whole acquisition process. We can help you avoid common pitfalls and address any questions you may have. We manage the process from start to finish and combine our property management expertise with the sales experience that you would expect from a Realtor. Feel free to contact us at 587-432-1588 today for any concerns or questions.

Application for Tenancy